Burn Notice: "Guilty as Charged" Review Season 4, Episode 12

I think I was expecting a little bit more from this mid-season finale than just the pretty awesome bleed-out car flip at the end. The kidnapping mission, with guest star Michael Rooker, seemed to drag "Guilty as Charged" down a bit as I really just wanted to focus on the John Barrett plot. Also, "Blind Spot" set Jesse up as an adversary and when we caught up to him he was mopier than ever; not being able to decide if he wanted to shoot Michael or wallow in self-pity. On the upside, Madeline did get to smoke an entire pack of cigarettes in an hour.

Burn Notice is usually pretty good at delivering big in their finales, but this one left me a little puzzled. Sure, I liked the action in the end and Jesse's wounding of Michael in order to kill the guy behind him was sweet, as was the sacrificial, last-ditch car flip from Michael to try and defeat Barrett (which done defeated him pretty good last I checked), but this entire endgame just seemed to point the blame finger right back at "The Company." Yes, the evil company that Carla worked for, that burned Michael, that seemed fairly nefarious and unscrupulous until they decided to say "oh, well, that was just the way Carla operated" might just be, the bad guys we knew they were all along. Simon's Bible was contained a code that revealed all the names of the company's operatives and it seems as though Vaughn and the rest of them just wanted to get that list back.

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