Recap: "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off"

In the penultimate Season 3 episode, Brothers & Sisters took just a second to let everyone catch their breath, refocus and think (or not, in some cases) before they act. But that's not to say the episode was boring. Kitty - with the aid of some William Walker flashbacks - comes to a decision about her rocky marriage with Robert, Nora is hell-bent on finding Tommy, no matter what anyone in the family says, and Ryan's "secret" gets out, causing a huge "Walker meltdown," as Robert puts it. Plus, Sarah deals with the news that Joe is getting remarried, Kevin battles with taking sides in the Kitty-Robert struggle, and Justin has maybe the best week of his life ever. All the details lie ahead!

Despite the fact that Sarah's ex-husband, Joe (he does exist, at least off-screen), is getting remarried to his first wife and honeymooning for a month in Europe, Sarah is putting on a brave face and hosting Ojai's "unity party," which solidifies the most recent transition within the company. But Nora won't be there, as she finds it tacky to celebrate while Tommy is still among the missing. No bother, Sarah's biggest problem is Holly trying to rope Sarah into a song-and-dance number featuring the two of them at the party. The goal: "make complete asses of ourselves," Holly says. Sarah seems supremely disinterested, leading Holly to pry and eventually learn about Joe's remarriage. Holly seems to suggest with genuine concern - gasp! - that Sarah try online dating. "I think you're trying to find another way to make an ass of me," Sarah says drily, before ultimately caving to Holly's musical-number idea.

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