Recap: "He Made Me Look Like Alice Cooper"

When we last saw the four remaining teams, host Phil Keoghan told them that there was no rest for the weary at the Pit Stop. The action in the penultimate episode continues in Beijing with language still a barrier for some and food even harder to digest for others. But can one team rise above the demands of the race's second U-Turn, or will they fall when nature take its course?

Jaime and Cara, who finally get a turn to arrive first at the Pit Stop are surprised with Phil's announcement that this leg of the race is not over. Arriving last, Kisha and Jen had a most happy surprise realizing they were not yet going home.

It was nighttime in Beijing as the teams searched high and low through a row of shops for the Travelocity Roaming Gnome. Their clue, hiding under its base, directed them to go across a moat and then hop on electric bicycles. With the wind in her hair, Tammy is delighted to discover she doesn't need to pedal when she finds the gear that puts her bike on auto-pilot. It's a special moment for her and her brother when they witness a flag raising ceremony while riding past Tiananmen Square as the cold dawn breaks.

The race is beginning to wear on Margie, who is tired of Luke yelling "Mom!" The extra attention she gives to him has to use up extra energy, if not divert her concentration. Jaime continues to take out her frustration on an unsuspecting cabdriver who doesn't understand English, and the cabbie appears to fear she'll stab him with the pointed hat on the little gnome. But their frustration in this instance stems not only from a lack of communication, but by starting the Detour challenge when the others have finished.

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