Recap: "Week 7"

It's getting down to the wire and now that individuals are being sent home, rather than a full team, the pressure is on.

Ali shows up for another pop challenge. She tells the players that most important key to weight loss success is the one that opens the gym. Each team will have compete for one of two keys, and the ones who don't get them will have no access to the gym for the entire week. And not only are there a ton of keys to choose from when attempting the open the lock, but in order to get a key, each person has to climb the hill. Some, like Tara, go as fast as they can for more chances to select the right key. Shanon, on the other hand, is less enthusiastic. There's no point in killing herself over it. Ron, whose knees have been getting worse as the weeks go on, struggles with the climbing. It was a great moment when his competitors help him. Tara's drive is incredible as she hustles back and forth, even puking in the process. Unfortunately, though, the game is the luck of the draw because Shanon and Mike, perhaps two of the slower competitors, come out with the winning keys.

After the pop challenge, the players return to their trainers, who learn the fate of last week's elimination. Jillian is happy to see Dane, but is surprised that Bob's team clearly defied him and instead made a decision from the heart. Bob, meanwhile, is speechless. He tells them that they kept a really big threat in the house and that they shouldn't ask for his input anymore if they're not going to listen. Ouch. The trainers also find out that they won't be able to train in the gym. Jillian is not happy and decides to make the living room a home gym where she'll do a "horrendous host of fitness videos circa 1980." The pink team, who has access to the gym, decides to turn half of it into a lounge so that they never have to leave. Kristin has a bit of an "aha" moment during her outside workout and says she feels so powerful, but it hurts knowing this person was inside her the whole time. A few of the contestants decide to have a little fun and after a dip in the sprinklers, they slide in the mud. Tara says she loves everyone at the ranch and I think the people that are left is the greatest group of all seasons.

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