Big Brother: Kristen and Hayden fight for their lives (and their dignity)

As if being on the block wasn't difficult enough, suddenly lovebirds Hayden and Kristen were forced to do it in solitary confinement and wearing a spectacularly absurd hippie-tard. [SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you've already watched Wednesday night's episode of Big Brother.] But the first half of Wednesday's episode wasn't about that. Instead, it was one long montage of Brendon telling Rachel he loved her, while the chemist/cocktail waitress responses alternated between pushing him, rolling her eyes, and simply walking away. That's actually not fair of me. Rachel also did manage in that time to offer up the lamest apology ever to Hayden and Kristen for telling them to bring it on at the nomination ceremony. I'm apologizing for that comment, she began. Okay so far, so good. Nothing wrong there. And I'm sorry that you're taking it personally. NO! No, Rachel! That's not an apology at all. Go back to psychologically abusing Brendon, why don't you?

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