Review: Kick-Ass

Yearning to be a superhero isn't the same thing as actually being one, but the two states aren't nearly as far apart as they appear. When kids who read comic books imagine that they can leap tall buildings, spider-surf the air, or lay waste to bad guys with iron-chested daring, simply by dreaming of doing those things they already share something with the pop vigilantes on the page. They've become the equivalent of a superhero's alter ego: the Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent ordinary guy side - the side that covets and lives vicariously, that has to wear a costume and an attitude to fulfill his real self. So when Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), the 17-year-old hero of Kick-Ass, decides to put on a green jumpsuit with yellow piping and become a phantom crime-fighter, even though he has no special abilities or physical flair, we can see that he hasn't taken leave of his senses. Dave, a brainy and bushy-haired geek who looks like Harry Potter crossed with the young Steven Spielberg, knows all too well that he's got nothing going for him but will and desire - nothing but the drive to be a superhero. It's as if he thought that the sheer power of suggestion could fool the bad guys, and himself along with them.

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