'Justified' - 'The Collection' Episode 6 Recap

I've been waiting with eager anticipation for Walton Goggin's character, the reformed bigot Boyd Crowder, to saunter back into Raylan Givens' field of view since the very first episode.

He's the perfect foil, not just for a guy like Raylan but in any villainous context. He's got those cold shark eyes that look like they would turn white if he bit into someone, a smooth and almost calm voice that screams evil and a jaw lined with a set of chompers that look like he has bitten into more than a few someones.

Goggins has played that evil backwoods character in all sorts of ranges from the ridiculous like his role as a brain-dead Texas outlaw in 'Shanghai Noon' to the slightly less brain-dead Shane Vendrell (aka Cletus VanDamme, that name still makes me laugh) in 'The Shield'.

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