Gossip Girl: Preview of Episode 3.15 "The Sixteen Year Old Virgin"

Will Jenny do it?

That's the question we'll try to answer tonight on Gossip Girl. After being sucked further into Damien's underground world of illegal drugs, Jenny (Taylor Momsen) has shown us that she's into him alright. But is she into him that much. Will Jenny surrender Little Little J to Damien?

Says the CW synopsis: "Despite being grounded, Jenny continues to see Damien who tells Jenny that he wants to have sex with her." Here's Damien's line, which we're sure had been used by the male species since time immemorial (with varying degrees of success): "When I date someone, sex is usually part of the equation."

Elsewhere on "The Sixteen Year Old Virgin," Lily (Kelly Rutherford) tells Rufus (Matthew Settle) the big secret she has been keeping from him even though she knows it's a huge risk. Never mind that Lily knows a little something-something already, courtesy of a little scarf delivery by Vanya. She knows who had been nursing Rufus' wounded ego.

Finally, Dan (Penn Badgley) and Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) and their little cha-cha continue, as they explore a new stage of their friendship, and Chuck (Ed Westcik) is forced to make an extremely difficult decision about his hotel.

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