'Weeds' Recap - 'Felling and Swamping' Season 6, Episode 2

The Botwins are really running this time. Running empty on cash, but thankfully not without icy caffeinated beverages. Armed with her signature latte that seems to fuel all her best ideas -- Nancy decides the Botwin's will make it to Canada or die trying.

Oh Canada! The border is nothing like it is for you guys in Mexico, and marks the end of the line for the Botwins. Let us not say goodbye to our dearly departed without learning important lessons from what I call the "Nancy Botwin Guide to Parenting."

Let's face it. The Botwins do not plant roots, unless they are illegal and hydroponic. If they stay, the Botwin family tree will be weeded out. Pun completely intended. We can't help but feel sorry and agree with Silas' rejection of the entire plan. Up until this point, Silas has seemed to be the most rational adult in the car, discussing options that seem too logical for any Botwin to accept. With futility, he pleads with his mom to go to the police. After all, how bad could it be? Shane is just a minor and exclaims, "I'm not ruining my life because of [Shane]. He made the mistake -- no one is looking for me."

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