Recap: "Week 9"

With 11 players eliminated, 11 remain. Last week, Dane went home and while Mike and Ron are happy, Tara is devastated. He was the one person she leaned on (what about her partner?) and tells the Blue team it was a stupid choice to get rid of him.

The contestants head over to Chefs, Inc where handsome chef Rocco DiSpirito is waiting for them. He tells them that fast food is the worst food you can eat and demonstrates just how fatty it is. The teams are tasked with coming up with new, tasty and most importantly, healthy versions of a hamburger, pizza, and burrito. After the 30 minutes are up, it's time to name a winner. In the father/son pizza showdown, Ron wins out with his 276 calorie pie. One point for the Blue team. The Black team wins in the burrito category with only 303 calories, as opposed to the Blue team's 525 calorie whopper. In the hamburger competition, the Black team wins by making a bison burger with chopped onion, Portobello mushrooms and feta cheese. Surprisingly, it was the ketchup and mustard that was the Blue team's downfall. So, the Black team wins the challenge, an extra team vote and a nice meal prepared by Rocco.

Bob takes his team to 24-hour Fitness to partake in Everlast shadowboxing. Aubrey is extremely excited as she was a boxer for three years - who knew? They walk in and Sugar Ray Leonard is there to teach them. He gives them an inspiring talk, leads them through an intense workout and tells them to stay focused.

Dr. H pays a visit to tell Mike and Tara that they are the king and queen of the record-breakers. Mike has lost 134 pounds of fat, and even though it's only 91 pounds of weight-loss, it has never been done. Tara has had a 29 percent weight-loss in three months. Meanwhile, Jillian and Sione have a little heart-to-heart. He tells her he's adapting to the change in trainers, and she leads him in some metabolic training with high intensity circuits. But he pushes himself a little too hard and falls and twists his ankle. My favorite Tongan better be okay!!

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