'The Mentalist' - 'The Red Box' Recap Season 2, Episode 17

After weeks without a boss in the picture, the team meets up with the new boss: Special Agent Madeleine Hightower. Even if she was only introduced in the second part of the episode, her upcoming arrival made Lisbon uneasy right from the opening scene. As we discovered in the episode, Lisbon had very good reason not to look forward to the arrival of her new boss.

Hightower clearly has the needed experience to be in such a position, as she wasted no time to get things done and shape things her way. Jane may be golden in Hightower's book, but the other team members -- except Cho at this point in time -- should all be walking on eggshells and fear to lose their job at CBI.

Clearly, Hightower has been briefed before her first day on the job. The Powers That Be love Jane and want him to keep working at CBI. However, they know he doesn't do things by the book and want him to be kept in line. It wouldn't surprise me if we eventually get an episode where we see the aftermath of Jane's investigation methods. This episode could feature the trial of one of the murderers Jane helped put behind bars and, during the trial, the murderer's lawyer makes a case that CBI, more precisely Jane, used unethical methods to make their case. For sure, this would look bad for CBI and the people who are higher up the food chain, which is why they want Jane to be kept in line.

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