The Hills Season 14, Episode 14: "Old Habits Die Hard" - Recap


After being stood up by Justin Bobby, Kristin decides to take a little break from L.A. So where does she go? Home to Laguna Beach, of course. Kristin arrives and shares some wine with her dad, who asks if she's seen Steven or Lauren lately. Um, have you not seen the last four seasons of The Hills, mister? Daddy Cav also hilariously asks if Brody (Kristin's ex) is still in love with himself. Kristin then tells her dad and stepmom about the new guy she's dating - Justin Bobby - and that she took a ride on his motorcycle. I think Dennis knows what she really means here. He's cool but a flake, she says, and not someone you'd necessarily take home to pops. Good thing it's "nothing serious."

Meanwhile, it's time for a Bolthouse event (where Spencer proceeds to wear his ridiculous cowboy hat). Heidi's sister Holly is wasted and makes a fool of herself in front of her family and Brent.

The next day, Stephanie tells Heidi she needs to have a bit of an intervention with her sister, as there's something going on with her if she needs to get blackout drunk all the time. So Heidi and Spencer meet Holly for lunch, where Heidi acts concerned and Spencer compares himself to his sister-in-law. That's one way to get someone to change. Holly decides it's probably time for her and alcohol to break up.

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