America's Next Top Model Season 13, Episode 8: "Interview 101" - Recap

Many of us were relieved when Kara, the house trash-talker, was sent home last week. Now the competition has dwindled down to seven girls, all competing for one spot as America's Next Top Model. Who will make it to the top six? Read on to find out.

The dynamic in the house seems much more relaxed now that Kara is gone. The girls are actually having fun and goofing around in one big group instead of little cliques.

When a Tyra-mail arrives, we find out Laura is dyslexic, as she struggles to read it. This seems like it may present a problem, since this week is all about interviews.

The girls end up meeting with Lara Spencer from The Insider and she teaches the girls about interviewing techniques. The models do a great job - except for Nicole who freezes and says nothing. I can't even believe this scene is legit. She literally just sat there looking confused.

Ann Shoket is back for yet another appearance on Top Model. She tells the girls that they will be interviewing 90210's Jessica Lowndes in The Insider studio. In this challenge, they have two minutes to fill with questions and answers, and they cannot stop no matter what happens. They will be able to read from a monitor, but unbeknownst to them, the crew will blank the monitor halfway through to gauge their ability to "wing it." Whoever is most successful will be in a beauty story in Seventeen magazine.

Jennifer goes first and starts off reading well, but once the monitor goes blank, she loses it. However, luckily for her, she is able to recover with an interesting question. Sundai interrupts a lot and barely lets Jessica talk. Laura is pretty bad. When the monitor goes blank, she says nothing and tops it off by cursing. Erin does a fantastic job, while Brittany and Rae are simply forgettable. Nicole asks Jessica if she's ever had kids. Jessica laughs, but you can tell she's a bit mortified.

Clearly, Erin is the winner. She gets to pick two friends to go on the shoot with her, so she chooses Jennifer and Rae. At the shoot, the girls look great but I'm not really a fan of Erin's platinum blonde hair and eyebrows. It just doesn't seem to fit with a teen beauty story.

Back at the house, the girls get a Tyra-mail letting them know they will be writing and recording their own CoverGirl commercials. The girls scurry off to pen their own monologues

On set, Teyona Anderson, Cycle 12 winner, talks to the girls about her experience filming her commercial last year. She had a difficult time, so she tries to help make the girls feel at ease. Jay reviews the girls' scripts and offers his own input as well.

Nicole starts off weak, but pulls through and looks great. Sundai reminds me of a used car salesman. Jennifer was charming, but did anyone else get annoyed with her head bobbing? Laura had a hard time with her lines, but pulled through. Brittany and Rae were robotic and lacked personality. Erin, who was the first to finish writing her script, flubbed her lines the most and cried throughout the majority of the commercial.

Kim Kardashian is this week's guest judge. During judging, Jennifer is praised for her cuteness and Laura gets kudos for personalizing her script. Brittany is criticized for her lackluster personality. Tyra tells Nicole it wasn't her natural personality, but "it popped." Rae gets called out for falling short and Sundai gets teased for her salesmanship. Erin cries before they even start judging her. Tyra tells her the motion camera doesn't love her face as much as a still camera. Agreed!

Top Model in Action features Nicole, a previous winner who can now truly call herself a Top Model since she has appeared in national campaigns and various runway shows. She seems to have been very successful.

Best commercial this week goes to Jennifer, with Nicole as runner-up. The bottom two comes down to Erin and Rae. Rae is in the bottom for not standing out, while Erin is there for her inability to compose herself. Even though Erin's makeup had to be reapplied four times during the shoot, Tyra sends Rae home.

I guess I agree that Rae wasn't as memorable as the other girls, but it's sad to see her go. Do you agree with Rae's elimination this week?

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