More to Love: Preview of Episode 4

Tonight's episode of More to Love involves a luxurious spa, a Hollywood Hills castle, and exotic Moroccan restaurant (is it just me or is More to Love turning out to be more and more like The Bachelor after every episode minus the obvious differences?). Luke takes the 8 remaining ladies to group date to a Newport Beach, California spa. Later on, he goes on a romantic one-on-one date at a Hollywood Hills castle, and another at an exotic Moroccan restaurant. At the end of the episode, two women will be sent home.

On the last episode of More to Love, four more women were shown the door - Bonnie, Christina, Amanda, and Danielle. But on the upside, the 12 contestants were pampered like crazy, gowns, facials, hair, makeup, the works. After the pampering session, everyone was beaming like crazy. On the big night, we met Luke's college friends Chase and Sam, who were tasked to pick the queen of the night to go on a one-on-one date with Luke. Danielle won that, but looking back at the episode, I bet she'd opt not to if she only what would happen on the date.

"She can talk," was what Luke told the camera after Danielle refused to shut up - and during which time I bet around 5 million viewers nodded their heads. At the Harborside seafood restaurant, things went from awful to harsh when it turned out that Danielle didn't eat seafood. As if things couldn't get any worse, the dessert came, and Luke, by this time, was impossibly turned off. with chocolates and nuts falling off her mouth, though, who wouldn't be? The next date with Heather was better, but seeing how Danielle's date went, the bar wasn't really set that high.

Catch More to Love tonight 9pm on Fox.

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