America's Got Talent: At Least Daughtry's Performing

It's unclear whether NBC talent show America's Got Talent can quickly recover from the hoopla caused by last week's judging. If you watch this summer's biggest show but somehow missed it, frisbee-catching dog act Tony Hoard and Rory was ushered to the show's semis in favor of an admittedly gifted singer by the name of Charles DeWayne. Everywhere you go last week, there was uproar / racket / whatever when judges Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff opted to see the cute dog advance rather than the singer when it was clear that the former was something you can see in any park or beach some random Sunday morning.

In preparation for what can very well be another judging failure on Wednesday's show, at the very least America's Got Talent has lined up pretty decent acts to perform on the results show. American Idol alum (and himself victim of unfair judging, this time courtesy of the voting public) Daughtry is set to perform their single No Surprise, while High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale will sing It's Alright, It's Okay.

Going back to the dog-over-singer issue, I don't think Charles DeWayne fans are being species-ist at all. America is a dog-crazy nation. We'd love to put any dog through supposing he can do something crazy good, too. On the other hand, some say that Charles didn't go through because as it is, there are already too many singers on the competition, and that he doesn't compare to the others. This is weird, because the only singer who advanced so far were Kevin Skinner, Texas Tenors, and Voices of Glory, none of which can put in the same category as Charles DeWayne. Besides, in the off-chance that the twenty most talented acts just happened to be singers, would America's Got Talent put through dancers and comedic acts that didn't weren't up to par just to have diversity on the show?

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