Top Moments of the Week: Claire Is Back on Lost, Paula Haunts Idol and More! - Featured

The calendar may say February, but it might as well be Halloween with all the ghosts on TV this week. Jay Leno and David Letterman revisit their tortured past, Hiro mourns his lost-in-time love on Heroes, The Good Wife's cheating husband has come home to roost, Claire returns on Lost and the specter of Paula Abdul is straight-up haunting American Idol's Hollywood Week. Welcome to Top Moments: Ghosts of TV Past Edition.

13. Best Casting: David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey have always had flirty chemistry, so it was fun to see them together in a Late Show promo that airs during the Super Bowl. But how many corporate mediators did they have to have on-set when Jay Leno sidled up on the sofa with them? It was uncomfortable in the best possible way.

12. Saddest Reunion: On Heroes season (series?) finale, Hiro finally reunites with the "lost in time" love of his life, Charlie. There's just one catch: Charlie is now a grandma. The moment had its touching qualities - K Callan's striking resemblance to Jayma Mays didn't hurt - but we're guessing this resolution had more to do with Mays' Glee schedule than the show's desire to give Hiro a heartstring-tugging, (un)happy ending.

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