'30 Rock' - 'Khonani' Recap Season 4, Episode 18

It was only a matter of time before '30 Rock' addressed the whole NBC late night debacle. With the way the network has been running things of late, it's getting downright easy to be a writer for this show. Set in a fictionalized version of the peacock, all the comedy material they could ever hope for is just handed to them.

The late night war 2.0 was converted into a late night janitorial dispute, but everything else was pretty much spot-on. '30 Rock' is TV for people who love TV, and maybe that's why it gets such accolades from the industry, but doesn't get the ratings of shows like CBS's Monday powerhouses. If you're "in the know," so to speak, then it's all very funny, but I wonder how entertaining the janitorial plot would have been for someone who knew nothing about NBC late night shifts.

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