Why Would Danko Want to Team Up?

Last night on Heroes, we followed three unlikely duos: Peter and Angela sought peace in a NYC cathedral, Nathan and Claire bonded over tequila in Mexico, and Danko and Sylar tracked a shifty shape-shifter who used his power to screw with people or to just screw people. But is this new development of Heroes' two biggest hunters, government agent Danko and serial killer Sylar, now working together (while terrifying and titillating, indeed) actually plausible? Is Danko really so hell-bent on rounding up and killing all the Heroes, because he knows how dangerous they are, that he is willing to set aside his convictions to work alongside the most dangerous one of all?

In a word: yes. (At least the writers certainly want us to believe so.) But why?

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Mar 31, 2009 7:15PM EDT

gets results faster

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Apr 1, 2009 8:37AM EDT

he has certainly learned a real fast shortcut to creating an awesomely powerful super-villian

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Apr 1, 2009 4:28PM EDT

but sylar said once i have every power you can get the shot or something like that. Sylar only wants to have all the powers once hes done that there is nothing left to do for him so..........

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Apr 3, 2009 7:51AM EDT

I don't really see why people are having such a hard time seeing why Danko is now teaming up with Sylar. For starters he was originally hesitant but as Sylar demonstrated to Danko this episode he is extremely valuable to him. Lets face it, so far Danko hasn't been having the best results in capturing the super humans. Sylar has proven that he can accomplish things that would be impossible for Danko to achieve on his own. Yes, there is a major risk but Danko clearly realizes that, he knows that by working with Sylar he may be able to find a way of beating him after he has helped him get rid of the others. The way he sees it, with Sylar on his side Danko can get rid of many super humans quickly and learn about Sylar in the process (similar to what Noah was trying to do in volume 3). Also if Danko chose to reject Sylar, there would be next to nothing to stop Sylar from just killing him. Danko knows that he has to play Sylar's game if he wants a chance at obtaining his goal. Ultimately they both know they are still enemies, they are just using each other before they decide to fight it out.
I also don't understand why people are complaining about Sylar being over powered. Other than his healing ability, he is no more powerful than he was when he was first introduced in Season 1 and definitely weaker than he was by the end of it. In Season 1 Sylar had the power to blow up New York, now he can't. In Season 1 it was implied that Sylar had many more powers than what were shown directly, it is just that we only got a glimpse of some of them. For example, the time he appeared in the Garage and the woman with super hearing asked him why she didn't hear the footsteps. Even though he couldn't regenerate in Season 1, he was still super tough, able to survive immense amounts of damage. He got shot, fell off a building, and withstood enough drugs to kill an Elephant. If anything, Sylar is just now getting back to the level of power he had at the beginning of the series. Also, I think Sylar should be very powerful because he really doesn't have any allies. In Volumes 2 and 3 Sylar was essentially helpless when compared to Peter or Arthur. Now he is actually starting to seem like a fearsome villain again.

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Apr 6, 2009 9:29PM EDT

How did Peter not lose his ability to fly when he touched Angela. She has a power so wouldn't Peter loose the ability to fly?

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