PJ's Back With All Her Boys on TBS Tonight

I may have disliked this show at first (waaaaaay back in '06!) but I ended up tuning in for its second season and somehow the characters on My Boys grew on me like barnacles. The cast members seem to be more comfortable with each other, making for a relaxed playfulness that I think was missing from this gang of buddies in season one. The last season ended with a great cliffhanger (not to mention some episodes set at a gorgeous winery that gave me total travel envy) and I'm excited to see what season three has to offer.

Plus, I've missed Jim Gaffigan on my TV every week.

I recently took part in a conference call with Jordana Spiro, who plays PJ on the show, and she promised big changes for PJ, Stephanie, and each of the "boys." She also talked about the major change we can expect to see in PJ's life - real, steady relationship with a guy.

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