The Puzzle is Complete: Official Details of Langston's 'CSI' Crossover Out

Or as I'd like to call it, "Langston week", so that it's easier for fans to keep track, or for those who aren't that fond of the idea, to stay away.

CBS has finally released official details on Laurence Fishburne's three-part CSI crossover. Quick history lesson: for a week in November, he'll appear on CSI: Miami and CSI: NY apart from his home show, CSI. Of course, we'll have more details as they come (which is why I won't be posting photos yet), but here's what you should expect--and here's why Langston's headed to those cities in the first place.

CSI: Miami: "Bone Voyage" November 9, 10pm

Horatio finds a severed leg in the Everglades. Turns out, it's from a girl who went missing in Las Vegas a week earlier, so he asks Langston over to help. Prison Break fans: Amaury Nolasco will make a quick guest appearance on this episode.

CSI: NY: "Hammer Down" November 11, 10pm

Mac and his team identify a woman involved in a big rig accident as someone Langston interviewed regarding the missing woman's case. Upon going to New York, they both realize that they're up against an interstate trucking ring specializing in human trafficking and selling human organs in the black market.

CSI: "The Lost Girl" November 12, 9pm

A young girl is taken hostage in connection with that trafficking ring, and Langston heads back to Las Vegas to investigate a prostitution ring there, which might be harboring the missing girl.

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