'The Vampire Diaries' Preview: "Lost Girls"

At last, the time has come for Elena to learn the truth about Stefan on The Vampire Diaries. After five episodes of pondering all the evidence (all the mystery, the animal attacks, the miraculously healing wound from the football game, and the names in the old town registry) pointing to the fact that he is a vampire, Stefan finally comes clean to Elena, who, as you would have expected, doesn't take the news very well. And her quick google search about vampires in the fiction world has only made matters worse.

But Stefan tries his best to explain everything to Elena this week and you can catch a glimpse of their conversation in the "Lost Girls" clip below. In a nutshell, Stefan clarifies the deal with garlic, sunlight, crucifixes, holy water, mirrors, and all the other vampire myths. He also asserts that animal blood, and not human blood, keeps him alive. But it looks like no amount of explanation will get him on the good side of Elena, who is still upset because Stefan allowed Damon to get involved with Caroline.

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