Top Chef: Preview of Episode 6.8 "Pigs and Pinot"

On tonight's episode of Top Chef, the nine chefs arrive at guest judge Charlie Palmer's Aureole restaurant at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, with a never-ending supply of wine. For the challenge, they must work in conjunction with Food & Wine magazine to host one of Palmer's famous Pigs and Pinot events.

On the last episode of Top Chef, the quickfire challenge required the chef to create a dish using three key words via - mood, taste and texture, and kind of cuisine, and in true Top Chef: Las Vegas fashion, they used a slot machine to determine the words. Some of the crazy combinations include: Stressed, crunchy, Asian; blue, cheesy, Middle-Eastern, stressed, umami, Latin American.

By the way, Jenny C. was sick. Just thought it was worth mentioning because she landed in the bottom three for the first time. Also, Robin thought curry is a Middle Eastern flavor. Geographical fail. The top three were Mike I, Michael, and Kevin, who eventually won. For his reward, he needed to choose between immunity and $15,000 - he chose the money, like probably 95 percent of the population.

For the episode's elimination challenge, Padma talked about the economy and said people are now more keen on throwing at-home dinner parties. The challenge then was to host one of them parties using the ingredient available to create one family-style dish. Still on Jenny, she partnered with Kevin on the challenge, so that was a good thing. Mike I, meanwhile, was "livid" with being paired with Robin and proceeded to boss her around. What an asshole.

Come tasting time, Michael overcooked the halibut, which was surprising, while Jenny and Kevin's partnership worked well. And yeah, Robin could talk. And for the first time, Mike I. and Michael didn't make it as the best of the night. Bryan and Jenny were there, though, so there's still need to break this dominance. Jenny won the challenge ultimately, while Ashley was eliminated, but the line of the evening went to Ash, who, in reference to Michael doing much of the work for their dish said, "it was like washing the paintbrush of Picasso," or something.

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