Entourage Season 6, Episode 5: "Fore!" - Recap

In this episode of Entourage, Ari's in the doghouse, Turtle snubs Tom Brady, and E makes an awkward mistake.

Sloan calls E during his romantic dinner at home with Ashley, who makes him answer the phone. Sloan's calling to tell E that she's co-chairing the charity golf tournament he's playing in the next day and an awkward exchange ensues.

Ari spent the night on the couch after Mrs. Ari sends him there for the first time in 15 years for lying to her about Andrew's affair.

Vince and Drama play the golf tourney with Tom Brady and Mark Wahlberg, and upon being introduced, Turtle snubs Tom because he's a Giants fan.

Turtle and E are paired with Murray Berensen (George Segal) after Sloan informs E he requested him. Jeffrey Tambor requests Ari play with him and his kids and spends the afternoon lying about his strokes to impress his sons. The exchanges of profanity amongst Jeffrey and his sons provide some comic relief.

Ari buys Mrs. Ari a Maserati as a peace offering, but she is not amused. Turtle tells Jamie-Lynn that he's going to tell Tom Brady he sucks balls twice once for him and once for her.

Murray offers E a job and informs him it was Sloan that told him about his current situation. Jeffrey gets mad at Ari because he won't tell him who in the office was having an affair and he fires him.

Lloyd is relegated to caddy status for the tourney, and Ari sends him into the water to retrieve ball after ball. Bored of E's business bonding, Turtle joins Tom and Mark to tell Tom he sucks but before he can, Tom finds out he's dating Jamie-Lynn and says that Gisele loved her and the four of them should get together. He says Gisele can cook for them all and Turtle soon forgets about his deep-rooted hatred for the Patriots QB.

E calls Sloan on helping him with Murray he thinks she thinks of him as a charity case. Sloan doesn't understand the hostility and tells him he's an idiot for turning down the job. It clearly sticks with E because he's hanging out with Ashley that night and he accidentally calls her Sloan.

The absence of Vince's career drama is a welcome change for once and the guest stars provided some new and interesting material for the boys. What did you think of this episode?

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