Human Target: "Sanctuary" Review Episode 4

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm impressed. I like this show, but I expected Human Target to start faltering a little bit after a few episodes, and that would have been fine - most series have an off week every now and then, especially early on. But I'll be damned if this show hasn't been a treat to watch every single week, and it just keeps getting better.

The first minutes of this episode are quite compelling. Short, sweet, to the point. You know what the story is, what the stakes are, and who the players will be. Sam Huntington guest stars as John Gray, a young fellow who crossed a sinister criminal named Sam Fisher (calm down, all you Splinter Cell fans). John's trying to go straight and put the life of crime behind him, and that just happens to be the kind of thing that gets Winston and Chance all motivated.

There's a lot of humor here as Chance does his best to play the role of a man of God. His ward, John Gray, also has a different idea of priestly life, bringing comic books into the equation. But the levity soon passes when the bad guys show up - then it's killin' time.

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