Glee: "Dream On" Review Episode 19

Expectations are a funny thing - so easy to raise them, and equally easy to disappoint them. Like many, I'd built up a Joss Whedon directed episode of Glee, guest starring Neil Patrick Harris no less, to be freaking awesome. Instead it was… an okay episode of Glee.

Harris' character, Bryan Ryan, was amusing in theory, but actually didn't end up feeling all that impactful. His old high school rivalry with Shue was a great place to begin, and I certainly loved the quick flashback to a mulleted NPH - and would have been fine if there were more of those flashbacks, actually. But overall, Bryan felt somewhat one-note - or two-note I should say, since he basically just kept flip-flopping between being out to stop the Glee club, then to being their biggest supporter, than against them again.

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