24: "Day 8: 1:00 PM-2:00 PM" Review Season 8, Episode 22

Is there any show that lives more moment to moment than 24? Look, it's been an incredibly messy road getting through this season, which has been marked by more lows than highs. Putting aside all of the unbelievable, poorly motivated occurrences that led us to where we are, this was a solid episode รข€“ and it was marked by a sequence so cool, it elevates the whole hour as a result.

Let's just get right to it: Jack Bauer storming that tunnel, dressed like some unholy cross between Jason Voorhees and Snake-Eyes, will go down as one of the show's all time most bad ass moments. Strapped with about three different machine guns, and wearing armor and a scary-looking mask, Jack was about as silent but deadly as could be, methodically shooting, as he closed in on Logan's car. And how great was Logan, always a little rat of a man, screaming, "That's Jack Bauer!!" and "Kill him!!!", as his enemy approached? I love how Gregory Itzin can so quickly turn from Logan the smug slime ball to Logan the sniveling coward within seconds.

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