Recap CSI: Miami :Season 8, Episode 08 - Point of Impact

We're in the middle of the aftermath of a terrible car accident between an Escalade and a Bentley. Jesse and Calleigh arrive on the scene to find one of the passengers of the Escalade dead, Karen Ballard but her two children, Greg and Lily alive. The team investigates whether or not a crime has been committed or if it was just an unfortunate accident. Victor Emparo at first seems like a heroic passerby who pulled Greg from the Escalade but the team discovers he was actually the driver of the other car that they find to be stolen. Victor insists that his sister was dating the owner of the car, they had gotten into a fight, she took it and he was simply returning the car. Victor's sister backs up his story but during this, Vicitor falls unconscious and dies from an undetected brain fracture caused by the crash. The investigation leads the team to believe Karen was driving under the influence and tracking her whereabouts before she picked up her kids, they find she was having an affair but wasn't drinking. They try recreate the events of the crash and discover that Lily was actually the driver. When they question her, she admits to being the driver but tells them the car was acting strangely and lost control. The team finds a puncture in the hose of the power steering which drained all the fluid, making it impossible to drive. Sadly, there was no crime committed. The team also finds a stash of pot underneath the hood. Greg admits to hiding it there and inadvertently punctured a hole in the hose. It was an unfortunate accident that lost two lives - a family without a mother and a sister without a brother. ­

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