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'Kell on Earth': Now taking your final(e) verdicts Episode 8

I just tested my Kell IQ on Bravo''s website, and I'm disappointed to report that I am 'level: intern.' Okay, maybe 'disappointed' is a bit much. I can't give much credence to a test that considers 'intern' a quotient. Thus, I am not crushed. But as someone who's watched this season of Kell on Earth, I was surprised that I retained so little of the obscure knowledge I was fed. I think that can be attributed to that fact that I don't use much of my (actual) IQ to watch Kell on Earth. (Admittedly, I like to ration those precious points.) The show is far from being Lost - I watch Kell with one eye and one ear. Barely.Even after watching the season, I can't decide whether I have at all been enriched (even by reality TV show standards) by what I've seen on the show. Most Bravo shows give me a little something to digest (save anything with the word Housewives in the title), be it a competition to invest in or a peek at the type of millionaires I will not be marrying for money (thanks, Patti Stranger). And I'm on the fence as to what I have gained from Kell in 8 episodes.

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