'Castle' Season 2, Episode 22 - 'Food to Die For' Recap

This episode of 'Castle' really played out like a whodunit mystery novel. I guess they all do, but this one really jumped out at me that way, like a Nikki Heat book sprung to life. Plus, it's pretty cool that Castle is a foodie and a fan of the fictional 'Kitchen Wars.' And I'm not surprised that Beckett had no idea the reality show even existed. She's very busy. Solving crimes and all.

You know, in this household, we're always fearing for Chef Ramsay's life on 'Hell's Kitchen.' You can just imagine that one day he'll be found bludgeoned to death by a contestant who snapped after Ramsay got in their face one too many times. But then you see him on 'Kitchen Nightmares' and he's totally different -- sweet (sort of), caring and really helpful as he's trying to save a restaurateur from going under. Anyway, these are the things I thought of while watching Castle and Beckett deal with a reality kitchen star found frozen dead in his kitchen, the victim of a liquid nitrogen canister gone horribly awry.

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