'Gossip Girl' Wrap-Up: "Bad Romance" Is An Understatement (Lady Gaga's First!) Season 3, Episode 10

Don't get me wrong: that was a good episode, Gossip Girl! Full of Blair-power, Chuck-heroism, and Dan-doofusness! Plus, Nate basically became a genius therapist, and that's fun, because everytime I think you can't top the last thing that made no sense, you do it! You top it, with something that makes even LESS than ZERO sense! It sounds mathematically impossible, but you manage it, every time. You also put Serena in shoulder pads, and made Rufus say "gonorhhea"! You even gave me Lady Gaga. So: Bravo, Gossip Girl! A truly momentous episode.

But it really was full of bad, BAAAAD romances.

Dan and Vanessa? Been there, barfed that. But I guess... they work.

Serena and Tripp? In the sense that I can't decide who is a bigger hypocrite, I guess they work, too.

Blair and the uppity, ugly theater kids? B, you're better than that. Conquering the school is not worth keeping the company of those who would insult the amazing Cyrus Rose. Wake up and save your Gaga-favors for the truly worthy!

What else was good, bad and ugly about tonight's Gossip Girl, episode 3.10, "The Last Days of Disco Stick"? Let's get down to it, faster than Damien's drug-dealing hand to Jenny's royal crotch-al region.

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