Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 2, Episode 2 - Crossroads

The episode opens with Dawson and Joey on his bed kissing. An infomercial is on tv but they aren’t watching it. An arm reaches across the screen and turns the tv off. A stunned Dawson looks up to see his mom and dad standing there while an embarrassed Joey doesn’t know what to say. Dawson looks at his parents and says, “Mom and Dad, yeah, you remember Joey, right?”

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At drivers school Pacey failed his drivers test.....on his birthday, by only one point. He tries to talk his way into passing by the officer administering the test won’t budge.

Mitch tries to talk to Dawson about sex while Gail talks to Joey. Dawson comes out on the porch to get Joey to go to school but as she leaves Gail sends Joey off with a book about sex education.

Grams tries to wake Jen up but Jen insists she isn’t going to school. Grams tells her she is worried about her and goes off singing.

Dawson laughs as he tells Pacey about his dad giving him a lecture about sex while Pacey tries to tell him about failing his driver’s test that morning telling him he really wanted to get it today. Dawson asks him today or in two weeks, what’s the difference? Pacey again tells today he wanted to get it today and asks Dawson if he has anything he wants to say to him. Dawson tells him no so Pacey walks away.

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