Supernatural: Five Important Post-Finale Questions

The only bad part of a Supernatural season fniale is how long fans have to wait for it to return. Last night Supernatural had one shocking episode that killed off two major characters, had Castiel betray Heaven and saw Lucifer on the rise.

But now fans are left with an entire summer trying to figure out what's going to happen next. There are undoubtedly a ton of questions you might have, but here are my five most important questions, and hopefully you can provide your own theories.

Is Sam Back to Normal?

All season Sam was drinking demon blood and Ruby claimed that he would be changed permanently. However, he did it, became strong enough to kill Lilith, and when Dean showed up, the two seemed back to their usual loving selves. So is Sam back to being the regular Sammy and was Ruby also lying about turning evil, or did we just not see the full effects of what killing Lilith did to Sam?

Where is Zachariah?

In Heaven's Waiting Room, Castiel smeared his blood on the wall and made a symbol that zapped Zachariah far away. But where did he go? Did the symbol send him to Hell? Or some remote part of Heaven? Or maybe he's in the jungle to compete with Heidi and Spencer on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

How Will Cas and Chuck Battle the Archangel?

Earlier this season we heard about the amazing power of an archangel and while Sam and Dean were dealing with Lucifer, Castiel and Prophet Chuck were stuck fending themselves against an archangel. Will Cas and Chuck both survive? How could they possibly defeat an archangel? And what does an archangel look like?

Who or What is Lucifer?

All we know is that something was rising out of that hole in the convent, but exactly what that looks like is a total mystery. Is Lucifer a demon like everyone else, a cloud of black smoke in search of a vessel? Or is he some type of beast with horns and cloven hooves like we've come to expect? Or is he an adorable kitten that can destroy the world? I don't know, but I can't wait to find out.

Where is God?

Dean questioned why God would let this happen, and Zachariah revealed that God checked out a long time ago. This brings up the very obvious question: where is God? Is He also trapped somewhere like Lucifer? Is He playing skee ball on the boardwalk? Or is He already dead? Here's a somewhat interesting theory to ponder: what if God is the one locked in the cage under the convent and He was only pretending to be Lucifer to convince the demons to help Him escape.

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May 18, 2009 9:03PM EDT

If God were locked in the cage under the convent, or even trapped in any sense, then God would have ceased to be God. The Definition of God is the Supreme Ruler of the universe, all powerful and all knowing. If he can be caged, he is obviously not God. Secondly, Zachariah said "God has left the building". But Zachariah, just like people, is not all knowing, and therefore just because he says something doesn't mean it must be true. Its just as likely that God has yet to intervene, and has not "left the building" as Zachariah said.
As for your other questions I am just as intrigued. Castiel did the same thing Anna did to him and Uriel, so im pretty sure Zachariah didn't get sent to hell, but rather some remote part of heaven.
Who Lucifer is will be quite interesting, and I am excited to see the writers' creativity with that!
Sam being back to normal is much too easy. For a good plot, Sam may be mostly back to normal, but have some obstacles to overcome because of his demon blood sucking past.
And for my favorite of the questions, Archangels and Castiel. I am definitely hoping to see an Archangel, it would be fascinating. Also, I'm hoping that perhaps Castiel is stronger than he has let on so far. What if Castiel is really high up on the Celestial chain, and is only pretending to be a ground soldier for the moment. That would be cool.
And if I may add a question to ponder. If Lucifer is getting air time, do you think maybe we will be seeing God at some point in Season 5 as well?

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May 18, 2009 11:06PM EDT

in regard to seeing God.. highly doubtful ...

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May 19, 2009 5:13AM EDT

I just can't wait to see whats next :D

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May 19, 2009 3:40PM EDT

"And for my favorite of the questions, Archangels and Castiel. I am definitely hoping to see an Archangel, it would be fascinating. Also, I'm hoping that perhaps Castiel is stronger than he has let on so far. What if Castiel is really high up on the Celestial chain, and is only pretending to be a ground soldier for the moment. That would be cool."
Oh my goodness, yes. That would be awesome.

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May 25, 2009 11:19AM EDT

Maybe Sam is the vessel for Lucifer???

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May 25, 2009 11:33AM EDT

There is always the eternal question of "Where is God?" and I definitely think the writers will use that. In Christian doctrine, God has three faces: Father, Son, Spirit. The idea that he has "checked out" could be because of the contemplation he has devoted to himself, reflecting on those three forms, and thus "lost" in his own glory. If you're all powerful, of course, the ants below become meaningless to a point, just some creatures walking around. The only reason that demons and even Lucifer could come through so heavily and often is that they ARE paying attention.
I hope they have Lucifer as not just the stereotypical medieval vision (cloven hooves and horns), but as more human/something more. The kitten idea would be kinda cool though.:)
The funny thing, is that if one does research on the angel hierarchy, they'll find that Castiel is actually one of the lowest triad of the archangels, one of the guardians, and one of their jobs is not only as messenger, but one of death, transition, and birth. Archangels are technically of the lowest in the choir of angels (second from the bottom), while the seraphim and cherubim are at the top. It would be awesome to see them represent one of the Seraphim. (They have six wings and four faces, based upon the mythos.) It would also explain the blinding light that came through, as they shine too brilliantly for human eyes to see without going blind.
I'm not sure if Sam will ever be back to normal... how does one ever re-coop from drinking demon blood? And there is still Dean's promise of being in God's service until the time he is needed... Will there be a war between brothers? That's my ultimate thought...

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May 25, 2009 3:51PM EDT

i think that Cas will be punished not Chuck. He is a prophet after-all. the archangel can't hurt the one that he/she is protecting. I think Lucifer will either be played by some awesome actor or just possess Sam's body. God will intervene whenever he/she feels like it but i do agree that no one would know if he/she is gone or if he/she is just watching what everyone else is doing. and i also agree that maybe Zachariah is just cast off into a far part of heaven.

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May 26, 2009 4:18AM EDT

i dono i firstly think that all the ideas above for lucifer are awesome, just thought that maybe if he comes like a proper angle (as they say and is known he was one angle once) would also be quite sweet.

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May 27, 2009 3:49PM EDT

I don't believe there's a chance to see an archangel for real. So far the angels real appearance was never shown.If the real appearance of an angel burns out the eyes of an ordinary human it counts even more so for an archangel. For Lucifer as well because he is a fallen angel.The interesting question for me is: if Lucifer walks on earth, who is he going to possess? Sam or even Dean or someone entirely else.Not to forget both, Sam and Dean, still got their anti-possession tattoos. But maybe Lucifer is stronger than a simple tattoo.

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Jun 3, 2009 11:51PM EDT

I hate to be the one to say this, and it is almost stupid even forming the idea but... run with this for a second...
Society has become more athiest, so god split or "leaves the building" he decides to see if people are WORTH the bother of saving, like, he is all powerful and can do it, but would you if it wouldn't be appriciated?
So he gets a closer look, as Castiel, or some other mid level charachter. see's the boys fight and throws them a bit of help here and there. Lets them fight the losing battle, right to that one moment in the story line that every show/film has, where either good or evil wins.
And drops in as a grand, how you like me now gesture that every1 loves. he stops the apocalypse, end of storyline.
This theory is probably miles off- (hopefully) but i can't help think that there will either be a stupid, there is god in all of us moment, or a slightly predicable, some mid to low level spectator charachter emerges as god.
I'm really just throwing ideas around.

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