Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 2, Episode 4 - Tamara's Return

Dawson and Joey are making out outside and Joey stops them and suggests that they move to a better location. Dawson says a few lines about being there for her and they begin kissing again.

Dawson and Mitch walk down the street and they are meeting Tamara to see about the property that she has for sale. Dawson finds Pacey at school and tries to tell him about Tamara, but they get interrupted and then the bell rings. Joey tells Jack that he has the day off since Joey and Bessie will be too busy and they won't open the restaurant. Jack suggests that he can run the place and eventually Joey agrees to let him open the restaurant. Abby approaches Jen in the cafeteria and asks her to go shopping, but Jen is too sad about Dawson to go shopping. Abby tells Jen that she needs her help to not drown while shopping. Pacey picks up some movies that Andie drops on the floor and they talk about how Pacey loves Dumbo. Pacey asks Andie if she would like to join him while walking around the day. At an art seminar, Joey and Dawson listen and then they talk about it being boring for Dawson when they walk out. Dawson tells Joey that art doesn't have an ending and Joey suggests that it doesn't have to. The teacher asks Joey to audit a class that she is teaching, but while Dawson declines, Joey agrees. While walking down the street, Pacey spots Tamara and during the introductions, he is left speechless. When Tamara walks off, he runs after her, leaving Andie confused.

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