Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, March 22, 2010

It's time to hit the floor again! Season 10 of Dancing with the Stars kicks off with 11 new couples as they tackle either the cha-cha or Viennese waltz. Who made a great first impression? Who fell flat? Find out below!

A new season means new opening titles, a new stage and a new co-host, of course. At first glance, Brooke Burke looks like Samantha Harris, no? The Season 7 champ looks perfectly at home, if a little nervous. Meanwhile, the stage has been revamped to house a "celeb-quarium" at the foot of the stage, where all the couples hang out to watch the competition. No more red room, people! So with that, let's get down to it.

Chad Ochocinco & Cheryl Burke: Cha-cha

Chad is excited to do the show because he won't be fined for his creativity like he is by the National Football League commissioner. So for those keeping count: Dancing: 1. NFL: 0. As Cheryl told me, he doesn't want her to compliment him unless he's actually doing a good job. "You suck. Do it again," she tells him. She tells us he likes to goof around, but is completely serious about this. You don't say? His face is emotionless as this cha-cha gets going. The beat is fast, and Chad is having trouble keeping up. He's a little stiff and seems to ebb and flow out of character. But he, like gridiron giants of Dancing's past, is light on his feet. There's lots of potential here. Len says he came out like a tiger and is a rough diamond at the moment. Bruno can see that he has a huge, huge, huge talent. Carrie Ann starts laughing at the second "huge." She thinks there's a "raw something" that will take him far, but wants him to extend his arms more. (Side note: What's with these horrible new graphics? They look like something I made when I was first experimenting with Microsoft Word's Word Art in fourth grade.)

Score: 18

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