$#*! (BLEEP) MY DAD SAYS ''Pilot'' Review Episode 1

As Captain Kirk might've said, it was a shakedown cruise. Or as Denny Crane would've commented, A few quips, but just not funny. Need works. For those who might've wondered if William Shatner could pull it off, the question should've been could any actor pull off bringing $#*! (BLEEP) MY DAD SAYS to television.

The idea of the turning the successful Twitter feed and resulting book by Justin Halpern - who moved in with his cantankerous - and quotable - father and turned it into a career opp - surely looked great on paper and sounded good in meetings. This pilot, based on how Halpern ended up living with his dad, finds Henry (Jonathan Sadowski) showing at his dad's home broke because the magazine he's been working for straight out of college has gone under in our lovely economy. He can't live on whatever money he had because it's gone and he still owes on student loans. So he shows up on the doorstep of his former Vietnam-era army doctor father Ed, though he hasn't seen him in a couple of years.

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