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ABC Family has been rolling out quite a few new series in the last year. So...how will the latest offering - ''10 Things I Hate About You (TV) - fare?'''

I'll start by saying that I went into this show with low expectations. As a cult-classic teen film of the '90s - I feared the worst upon learning of 10 Things getting reimagined into a TV show, to air on ABC Family no less. I figured failure was much more likely than success (because you really can't beat that movie, right?).

But - while I maintain that you can't beat the movie, I was pleasantly surprised by last night's 10 Things pilot. I didn't love every aspect of it, though there was enough potential that I'll be coming back for more.

In honor of the "10 Things" concept, here's 10 things I liked/disliked about the pilot:


1. 30 Minutes - ABC Family has not had much success with their 30 minute offerings previously (Roommates was rancid and the upcoming Ruby & the Rockits looks questionable), but this show seems to have used the format to its advantage. In fact, one hour might seem too long.

2. Lindsay Shaw as Kat - Far and wide my favorite character/actress from the pilot. It could be easy to overdo the whole angry/rebellious teeange girl thing, but I found this character to be the most enjoyable/believable (or as Patrick Verona noted, "interesting") of the batch.

3. References to real-world people and issues - Sometimes it might have fallen awkward and flat, but I applaud ABC Family for dropping people like Kim Jong Il and issues like universal healthcare into the dialogue.

4. Differentiating itself from its cinematic predecessor - I enjoyed that not only was Kat a toned-down sort of angry from Julia Stiles' portrayal in the film, but that Bianca was a toned-down sort of shallow. The less that the series tries to replicate the beloved film is probably for the better...

5. The return of Larry Miller as the father - Miller remains wholly enjoyable and entertaining as the father figure and source of wisdom. Funny how the movie and TV show are 10 years apart. It's just so fitting!


1. The guys - I found Nicholas Braun's "Cameron" to be kind of grating. I know that this is how the character is supposed to be, but it was a little bit too much in my opinion - he needs to tone it down. Also, Ethan Peck's "Patrick" was quite underdeveloped - he literally had about 2 lines in the whole pilot (but there's time for that to change, obviously).

2. The need for a dialogue reference to 10 Things... - Did you catch Chastity's remark about 10 things she disliked about her day near the end of the pilot? If there is a need to regularly include a direct reference to the show title, I think that's all too formulaic.

3. Dana Davis as Chastity - I understand that this is a TV show, but this was the one role that was too much of a caricature for me. Nobody acts or speaks like this in high school; all of the other roles were at least moderately believable as semi-realistic modern-day high school personalities.

4. Pop cultural reference overload? - I mentioned in the above section that some of the pop culture references were very successful. But, there were also far too many. Justin Timberlake, Harry Potter (like 3 times), Zac Efron, Fast and the Furious...it was a bit much.

5. Where is it going? - This isn't a dislike (yet) so much as a concern. While the show seems willing to take liberties to differentiate itself from the film, the pilot still mirrored the timeline of about the first quarter of the film. So where will we be in 4 episodes? Does this premise (which we all know its ultimate conclusion) have sustainability?

So...what did you all think of 10 Things I Hate About You? Yay or Nay?



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Jul 9, 2009 12:45AM EDT

i would say nay i didnt enjoy d pilot and chasity character needs a touch of reality............. then again if its public school why is a rich girl going there??????bt in all d show didnt make sense and didnt appeal to me considering i loved the movie.

Default avatar cat
Jul 9, 2009 6:28PM EDT

I also love, love, LOVED Lindsay Shaw as Kat! I think she did an awesome job in that role. Larry Miller was great too. I wish the show was longer though, only because I was enjoying it and the 30 minutes flew by. I actually re-watched the show today on ABCFamily.com! seygra20 -- Sorry you didn't enjoy it, but I definitely think you should give it a second chance! It might grow on you! :)

Large 1323470045 slips
Jul 11, 2009 1:40AM EDT

the only thing I disliked was the amount of Kat-Patrick clashes, overdone in my opinion (you have to save some of it for later). Otherwise I'm on the wagon of 'let's try it out for a while' -very hopeful

Default avatar cat
Jul 16, 2009 3:23PM EDT

I'm with Cic above ^ I liked the 2 episodes I've seen now, and will probably continue to watch it at the moment. I think an hour would be a little much, although the 30 mins did go by quickly!
I just hope the plot keeps up, and in which case, I'll keep on watching :)

Default avatar cat
Jul 16, 2009 5:12PM EDT

Really? Kat and Patrick are my favorite. I think right now they are trying to be intense with their relationship because then it will be a gradual process of them getting together..or at least I hope! :) I have loved the past 2 episodes. I can't wait until this upcoming week's show!

Jul 17, 2009 2:55AM EDT

I really liked this show, sure it's a little pop and sweet but the edge it got can compensate the oher stuff making it quite likeable, besides I really did enjoy the harry potter refferences (maybe because I'm and HP fan) by the way I like the actor who plays cameron, sure it seems a little grating as you said but I kinda love him because of it, he brings the good hearth to the series

Default avatar cat
Jul 18, 2009 3:10AM EDT

Yay! I really enjoyed watching this show. It can get a little peppy and cheesy at times, also some things are foreseeable. Anyway, I somewhat thought the show was interesting and the cut down to 30 minutes makes fans or people wonder what will happen next. Good cut down, but at least an hour could be helpful on those boring-filled weekends at home.

Default avatar cat
Jul 18, 2009 1:26PM EDT

I LOVED THE SHOW!I disagree on cameron, I find him adorable! cause we rarely see a character like him on tv. and its funny!. agree on patrick, I don't like ethan as patrick, is jsut not right for some reason.

Default avatar cat
Jul 19, 2009 9:23AM EDT

I really liked this show, but with the whole "we know where the plots going so its not so great" thing, I think yeah ok you know where the plots going but the whole point is seeing what they do with the show to get there n personally I would be really disappointed if I watched the whole series and then it had a different ending from the film!

Default avatar cat
Jul 22, 2009 1:25PM EDT

OMG! Cant believe I missed this!!!...Great Topic!!
I agree on everything completely!!! Especially the Guys!! Ethan as Patrick just doesn't work...just because he has the curly hair doesn't mean he can do well in the part. He doesn't have the brooding kinda quality about him and he looks too much like a pretty boy trying to act bad ass.
Cameron...dont even get me started.
And in honesty...I dont really love Bianca either...she's too desperate but I suspect that'll change when she takes over from Chastity as most popular girl in the school.

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