Two Clips of 'Vampire Diaries' 1.09: History Repeating

Bonnie is in for a Damon wrath after she decided to keep the medallion that initially belonged to him. Two clips are released in front of "The Vampire Diaries" episode where Bonnie must face the consequence of keeping the family heirloom. In one scene, Damon follows her to school and starts making an offer to trade the medallion with a service.

The other clip is still revolving around the medallion and what its history. Elena reveals to Stefan that his brother Damon threatens Bonnie. Stefan in return reveals about what he knows, saying that Bonnie's ancestor named Emily owned the medallion during the civil war. Through the preview that was released at the end of this week's episode, it is known that Emily has haunted Bonnie in her sleep to demand for a help.

Beside being medallion-centric, the episode called "History Repeating" also shows a new character, Alaric Saltzman who is played by Matthew Davis. He is a new history teacher who knows a lot about vampires.

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