THE OFFICE ''Nepotism'' Review Season 7, Episode 1

One thing I'll say about THE OFFICE it's hands down the only show that has me laughing out loud within the first 15 seconds. The cast is spectacular and plays their over the top (but completely believable) characters perfectly.

Let's recap:

The premiere of the seventh season, Nepotism, begins with a very what I did on my summer vacation feel to it. Gabe and Erin are now and item, Kelly attended Yale and now thinks she's the smartest women ever, Dwight owns the building, and Michael saw Inception (and possibly spoiled the entire movie for me. Thanks Michael!).

Jim is up to his usual pranks on Dwight, but Pam spills the beans and Jim's plan of adding keys to Dwight's abnormally large key ring each day until Christmas is ruined. Pam feels horrible and begins plotting a prank of her own to make it right.

Enlisting the help of Kevin, she rewires the buttons in the elevator; lobby is now the third floor, door close is now door open, and asks Dwight to check out something on the third floor. The elevator malfunctions, and Pam is now stuck in the elevator with Dwight. Who has drank approximately 60 ounces of water that day which causes Dwight to relieve himself in the corner of the elevator. Poor Pam.

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