Saw 3D May Not Be The End...

All the way through the series, the plan seemed to be that Part 8 would be the last piece of the Saw puzzle. Then there was the story that, after diminished box office for Saw 6, part 7 would end the franchise with a 3D splatter. Possibly not so though. It seems that hopes are high at Lionsgate, and that Saw 3D may not be the end after all.

Betsy Russell, who plays Jigsaw killer John Kramer's ex-wife Jill (co-starring with Tobin Bell in flashbacks, and carrying on a mysterious post-mortem agenda in the "now" bits) has told the New York Post that we thought it was ending with 7, but the writers came up with an amazing idea for Saw 8. I'd love to see it.

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