Jersey Shore Episode Recap: Week 2

On this week's Jersey Shore, Ronnie and Sammi fight and then make up, and Angelina gets on Pauly D's bad side.

When we left off, Ronnie had morphed into Single Ron. He comes home from the club wasted, talking about the "mad work" he did, before stealthily climbing into Sam's bed. She asks if he did anything, and he says no. When he wakes up the next morning not remembering a thing, the guys remind him that he was "creeping mad hard." So will he break the news to Sammi? "Deny, deny, deny" is his plan.

But denying is hard when Sammi finds proof of Ronnie's ex's number written in his phone book. She berates him about the discovery, but we're more concerned that he still uses a phone book.

This week's first fight takes place when Snooki calls Angelina out for talking smack about her boyfriend. Apparently Angie opened her mouth to J-420 and some other ridiculously named friends of J-Woww's. J-Woww steps in and says, "You wanna stay and get your f---in' ass beat? Sleep with one eye open." Those are some heavy-handed threats, Jenni. In the next room, another phone call comes into the house for Angelina (she seems to hog the line) and Snooki tells the person on the other line Angie isn't there - "she's dead."

Back to the Ronnie and Sam saga, Ronnie admits that he had spoken to his ex, but that she was the one person to advise him to give Sammi a second chance. "A part of me loves you so much ... it's sickening," he says. He wants to work things out and reminds us viewers, "It's not Saved by the Bell, we're not Zack and Kelly."

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