Review Boston Legal: Season 1, Episode 8 - Loose Lips

I'd like to start off this review by extending a warm welcome to my co-reviewer, TeaCake911 - I was delighted when he filled in with a review for the Halloween episode which I missed and I'm glad to see that he'll be a regular reviewer of the show. Since I prefer to focus on plot analysis and how the action and the story affect the characters, he'll take on the role of analyzing character development, and I'll keep on going with my normal reviewing. So back to the matter at hand.

In what was easily the best episode of the series thus far, every single character (save for Sally) was at the top of their game. Nobody was boring, and nobody was overused; nobody came off as too one-dimensional and the balance between drama and comedy as well as between characters was just right. Even the fact that this was a themed episode (and traditionally I have a thing against themed episodes) couldn't take away from the fact that by the end of the episode, I was really looking forward to what is going to happen next week - not just to see what Alan Shore will say next.

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