The Mentalist Season 2, Episode 23 Review: "Red Sky in the Morning"

Last night marked the second season finale of The Mentalist and we finally got some Red John action! Not to dwell, but seriously! Why do you think the writers left him out all season?

Going into "Red Sky in the Morning", we knew that there was a copy cat, but we were surprised that it was the roommate. It was a bit cheesy the way this storyline went. Really? Film students turned copycat murderers to make a film about Red John? For us, it seemed like this was just an easy way for the writers to bring back Red John. It was pretty great that Red John showed up and killed them. We were certain that RJ would have been flattered that they went to such extremes to copy him.

So now that we have a bit more information about him - can we really be sure that Red John really is a man? What we found interesting was the tone of "his" voice. It would be very presumptuous of us to assume that he is a man - rewatching the interactions between Jane and Red John, you can't be 100% sure Red John is a man.

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