Heroes: Preview of Episode 4.18 "The Wall"

Tonight's installment marks the penultimate episode of Heroes' fourth season and yet it feels like there are still so many mysteries left to be resolved. Who will stop Samuel? What will happen to Sylar? And will there be more odd revelations? Hopefully, we'll inch closer to those answers in the episode entitled "The Wall."

When we last saw Heroes, Matt went inside Sylar's head again and trapped Sylar in his own head, and then enclosed an unconscious Sylar with bricks in his basement. Now, Sylar is living his worst fear as he finds himself all alone in an abandoned New York City. And looks like the only one who can save him is Peter.

Every Heroes fan knows that Peter and Sylar are two people you'd never expect to see working together for a common goal. After all, Sylar killed Peter's brother Nathan, and that alone should put an enormous chunk of beef between them. Tonight's episode, however, forces Peter to set aside his personal vendetta in order to save Emma, who is now at the carnival with Samuel.

Meanwhile, Noah is still being held captive by Samuel and as Claire tries to rescue him, Samuel reveals her dad's secret past that might just bring her to Samuel's side. Lauren, on the other hand, makes a bold move to put a stop to Samuel.

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