'America's Next Top Model' recap: The Italian Job Season 15, Episode 1

Aaaah! Screaming!!! Top Model is back, you guys! It's true, y' all. Tyra, the Jays, Andre, and Nigel are all back for cycle 15, where the emphasis is on high fashion. Every time someone says high fashion, drink (a sip of Diet Coke, or something similarly non-caloric and caffeinated). Who are the lucky would-be models this cycle? Let's get to it.

We opened with a montage of Tyra's biography, and while I don't think she's a very good talk-show host, and her 'online magazine' leaves a lot to be desired, the woman sure can model! Anyway, this season is all about the major new prize: Instead of the cover of Seventeen, the winner gets a spread in Vogue Italia. Yowza.

Time to get on the bus. What? Sisters Chris and Terra are four years apart but looked and sounded a lot alike; Anamaria had intense red shoes, and Kayla had bouncy mermaid hair. Vanessa told us that she's a former Miss Minnesota Teen USA, but I could barely hear her over the intense bitch vibes she was giving off. Do not want. Emily raved that her hometown didn't have this many diversities. Foreshadowing!

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