'MasterChef' recap: One Egg to Rule Them All Episode 3

As the 30 remaining would-be chefs arrive, the pleasant-sounding lady who handles voice-over duties informs us that, for some, "the dream of a lifetime ends today." If that dream means cooking in a pristine kitchen like those high-falutin' Top Chef cheftestants, then the dream has ended right now. Tonight, they'll be cooking in an unsanitary warehouse. There's a table set-up with 30 knives jammed into 30 chopping boards. That is not going to do much for the sharpness of those knives, I don't think."You've all earned the right to wear that apron," Gordon says by way of greeting. "Today will determine whether you get to keep it or not." And with that -- bring in the truck, boys! Yes, a truck carrying a payload of onions drives into the warehouse and drops its cargo in front of the gasping contestants. If they want to progress beyond today, Gordon tells them, . . .

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