All Hail Disco Night

Do you get the feeling that American Idol's Disco Night is some kind of sick joke perpetrated by the American Idol producers? Last night's show was far better than it could have been (mostly because there wasn't much "disco" involved), but still - out of all the possible theme weeks out there, how has Disco become a yearly staple on American Idol? Aren't young people the target demographic? Classic rock, 80's music, country music - these genres have endured. Disco, more or less, has passed us by, and no one is shedding a tear over it. It's possible that Disco Night is where the truly original artists on Idol will emerge, the singers who can turn any type of song and mold it to their own abilities. As an exercise, I can maybe understand the mindset behind disco night. But, let's not forget - American Idol is a TV show that's supposed to be, more than anything else, entertaining. There are dozens of more crowd-pleasing themes available than disco.

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