'How I Met Your Mother' to Cast an "Anderson Cooper Type"

Uh oh! How I Met Your Mother is looking for an "Anderson Cooper type" to play Robin's new co-anchor and this doesn't sound good for Barney. Will this break up our favorite couple? Not necessarily but Barney and Robin's relationship isn't exactly fool proof either.

According to TV Guide, "Robin has a taste for the silver fox and he thinks it's hot that Scherbatsky is a fan of cigars." Some of the show's most hilariously moments involve Robin and her work as a news reporter so adding a new co-anchor will certainly provide more material for the writers to toy with and spice up Barney and Robin's love life as well.

It's too soon to tell if a third party could actually come between Robin and Barney at this point but maybe this is just the show's way of igniting Barney's jealousy, which is something viewers rarely see on How I Met Your Mother unless it involves Robin.

On the other hand, if Barney and Robin do break up, it wouldn't be the worse thing in the world. While most fans have gotten a good kick out of the Barney-Robin hookup, some still believe that Barney and Robin are better off when they're not in an official relationship. After all, they are so meant to be with each other that it's only a matter of time before they hookup again.

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Default avatar cat
Oct 25, 2009 5:02PM EDT

anderson cooper is gay. it's part of his attractiveness, really. either the characterization of an 'anderson cooper type' or this analysis is irrelevant...

Default avatar cat
Oct 25, 2009 5:17PM EDT

I disagree...I didn't know he was gay and have always thought he is attractive b/c he is handsome, intelligent and thoughtful. I think a character with similar traits would be a good addition to the show and would shake things up a bit with Robin & Barney.

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