Kendra Wilkinson Struggles to Leave Playboy Past Behind

Many could attest to the change in Kendra Wilkinson since leaving The Girls Next Door and moving out of the Playboy mansion. The reality starlet has reportedly "change for the better" as she turned to Christianity and bid farewell to her stripper days - all because she's about to marry American football player Hank Baskett. Still, it's hard to imagine Wilkinson leaving her Playboy days behind.

"Yeah, [Baskett] really gets mad when I do stuff like that," Wilkinson said of her naked Playboy past.

On the other hand, her time spent as Hugh Hefner's girlfriend is hard to forget. She admits that she got tongue-tied at Hefner's 83rd birthday party this year.

"At the party, I was like 'Hef, oh s**t, Hank! Oh God!' Wilkinson said about saying the wrong name. "I felt so bad, and he got so mad at me."

"A guy should fall in love with who they met, you know what I'm saying?" said Wilkinson, who explained that Baskett still knows who he's marrying. "And I will -- I never change. He knows where I come from, he knows I lived at the mansion for the last five years of my life. I still am wild, but not as wild."

To keep their relationship interesting, however, the former Girls Next Door star has several tricks up her sleeve, including the use of her new line of stripper poles.

"At first when I told him about the stripper pole, he did not know what it was," the former Girls Next Door star said in an interview with E!'s The Daily 10. "He was like, 'Are you serious? No, you can't do that.' He's a very conservative guy, you know? It's just a lot of fun. He even gets on it now sometimes."

Fans can catch Wilkinson as she begins the next chapter of her life on her new E! reality series called Kendra, which will follow her engagement and marriage with Baskett.

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