Scrubs: Preview of Season Finale 'Our Thanks'

The ever-immortal Scrubs has survived yet another season in the hands of the alphabet network, so tonight marks another milestone. But this is perhaps its last episode ever, as even creator Bill Lawrence pointed out the slim chances of the show's renewal.

But we still have "Our Thanks" tonight, and we're thankful for that. As well as for the nine seasons that Scrubs has given us. Anyway, the Winston University med students are grateful as well, as they've finally found new realizations throughout their journeys in the hospital.

First off, there's Cole (Dave Franco). Everyone in the hospital found him a lazy waste of matter since he hardly worked hard to stay in the school. But tonight on "Our Thanks," he discovers his true calling.

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Large 1320318636 hipster cat
Mar 18, 2010 4:27PM EDT

I thought the show last night was very funny at times. If it is indeed the last episode EVER then I'm grateful that at least it's going out with a big laugh :).

Default avatar cat
Mar 18, 2010 8:12PM EDT

Good episode. Was funny. Not nearly as good as a last episode ever as the original Scrubs' finale was but considering that Scrubs: Med School is basically canceled its as good as you could hope for.

May 14, 2011 12:09AM EDT

season ( was god awful it was so confusing the change from season 8 to (. It should have been better explained the transition and why j.D. wasn't working with her ex Lisa to be with Sam. And season * finale was a perfect ending. Also why was J.D. missing in most episodes and so was Elliot and Carla in none?

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