UNNATURAL HISTORY - Heart of the Warrior - Episode 4 Review

“Heart of a Warrior”, UNNATURAL HISTORY‘s fourth episode, was also its best. When a Samurai exhibition comes to school, Henry befriends a martial artist and makes enemies out of her brother Kenji. An elaborate conspiracy, of course, is discovered and Henry, Jasper and Maggie rush to the rescue and stop thieves stealing the Samurai armour and heart of the Shogun warrior on display at their school.

The minor subplots consisted of Jaspar swotting away a tattoo artists’ infatuation and Maggie’s lack of a date to the school dance, the latter of which was so preposterous it made the rest of Unnatural History quite realistic.

There were many entertaining twists; the revelation of Henry’s opponent in the sword fighting tournament, the unmasking of the real thief. I never thought I’d see a battle of sushi-making on Cartoon Network, but there you have it. The dialogue was fun. Maggie’s explanation for providing earpieces was a chirpy: “My dad’s garage is different from your dad’s garage.”

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